We Are the Greater New Orleans Areas Computer Repair, Technical Support and Web Development Concierges

near meForget the expensive “geeks” and “nerds” cliche’. We don’t do “fixes”, we service SOLUTIONS!

Our friendly professionals deliver affordable tech support with southern-hospitality service. Our loyal clients don’t return to buy what we sell, they buy what we believe. We believe we’re the best because we C.A.R.E.

These guys are true computer support professionals.  I have been Contrive I.T. since 2010 and could not be happier.
Jamie C., LaPlace, LA.
These support technicians can handle any issue that comes their way.  They helped me a lot with my businesses computer network installation and support. They really know their stuff!
Craig N., Metairie, LA.
I used them for onsite repairs and had great results. The technician they sent was polite and very professional. Our office network was down and he was able to get it back up and running FAST.
Brenda B., New Orleans, LA.
I received excellent, polite, and quick IT support at Contrive I.T. I got more information and more service than I have from my local tech support service businesses back home.
Kevin B., Kenner, LA.
  • ( C ) ommit: We proudly represent Contrive I.T. ~ Show respect for and support our community ~ Practice teamwork
  • ( A ) ct: Concentrating on the clients’ needs and ensuring complete satisfaction ~ Know our business ~ Anticipate needs
  • ( R ) esultant Personal Touch: Focus on individual needs ~ Personalize the experience ~ Make every client feel valued ~ Empower our clients by teaching them in terms they can understand
  • ( E ) xtra Mile: Stay flexible ~ Do more than what is asked ~ Show genuine appreciation

Two Convenient Shop Locations Proudly Providing Local Service in

Metairie | LaPlace | New Orleans | Kenner | Louisiana since 2008 | 504-222-2442

Computer Repair and Tech Support Services

Local Computer Repair Shop Tech SupportWe offer a wide variety of affordable computer repair services and Tech support for home or small business personal computers and networking devices.

  • Friendly, Certified Technicians
  • Free Estimates (Drop Offs)
  • Multi Service Discounts
Professional customer service is what you want when you’re in need of a computer support technician. That’s what I got here. When I called them, the technician quickly repaired my problem. In 10 minutes, we were back in business.
Logan H., Metairie, LA.
This was the easiest, fastest, cheapest, most trustworthy and most polite computer repair shop we’ve ever dealt with.
Marie G., New Orleans, LA.
I would absolutely recommend  to anybody needing tech support service, and I know I’ll be calling them for future issues.
Marie G., LaPlace, LA.
This was actually the third place I called when I had begun shopping around for computer repair. The prices were cheaper and he could come out the same day I called .
Michael R., Kenner, LA.

Call 504-222-2442 for a free estimate and find out about our multi service discounts today! A friendly, computer support technician is waiting to make I.T. work for you.

Services Prices

Proudly Providing Local Service in Metairie | LaPlace | New Orleans | Kenner | Louisiana since 2008

Web Design – Development – Marketing

Web Design DeveloperWe provide easily affordable web design, website development, mobile websites, and Web Marketing packages to fit your company needs and budget.

Let our local business professionals put your digital branding into the hands of 1000s of searching customers.


  • No Lock-Down Contracts; Pay As You Go
  • 6 Month Interest Free Financing (qualified customers)
  • Digital Branding by Business Professionals
Hands down, Ron is the most sincere web developer I have ever dealt with. His expertise in website design and local SEO marketing strategy is breathtaking.
Johnathen V., New Orleans, LA.
Contrive IT provides excellent web marketing and website design services.  I have used them for many sites and the results always met my expectations.  Highly recommended.
Amanda T., LaPlace, LA.
The web development team here was very nice and graciously donated part of their time to update our website (nonprofit organization).  They were honest and caring throughout the process and took the time to explain things to me.
Amanda L., Metairie, LA.
I absolutely recommend Contrive IT for web site design and development. It was my first time working with a web designer and I can tell that they really care about your project and they want to create a successful website that you will be happy and proud of.
Shanly L., Kenner, LA.

Call 504-222-2442 to set up a free consult and find out how you can get $200 Ad credits for Facebook, Google and Yahoo  FREE TODAY!

Services & Prices

Proudly Providing Local Service in Metairie | LaPlace | New Orleans | Kenner | Louisiana since 2008

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