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Sensibly Priced Computer Repair and Tech Support

By now, you’ve more than likely noticed the drawbacks that busted or worn down tech can bring. And you’ve probably experienced price gouging or low-quality service from other big brand computer repair companies. Which means that now, you’ve come to just the right place.

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laptop repair

  • Any Model or Name Brand Computer Hardware, Application, Windows/Mac Upgrades and Repairs
  • Enhanced Networking and Security Upgrades, Diagnostics and Repairs
  • Free Estimates, Flat Rates, Multi-Service Savings, Low Upfront Cost for On-Site Solutions
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laptop repair

 Common Computer Repair and IT Support Services

Most services are standard, flat rate. Some repair and support services are 1/2 price or special promotion. And some are advanced repairs that may be charged as  1.5 X standard flat rate price. As always, we offer free estimates and can let you know before we begin.

$40 upfront on-site fee which may be applied toward any chosen service. Multi-Service discounts are not valid in combination with other promotions.

Standard Flate RateRepair ShopOn-Site
1-2 Services
$70 ea.
$80 ea.
3-4 Services -10%$63 ea.
$72 ea.
5 or more Services -15%$59.50 ea.
$68 ea.

This includes but not limited to startup problems, non-responsiveness, update issues, upgrade problems, etc… Reinstalling is generally a very last resort, but included if necessary. Data backup and restore from a damaged or non-damaged hard drive is counted as a separate service (See Data Managment).  We will do our best to restore whatever version of the O.S. you had previously. However, in some circumstances, we can only restore whatever version the device came with.

Virus removal is a standard service but we also highly recommend our signature VIRUS VIGILATE (SM) Service.  For only an additional $30,  we’ll throw in our unique 7 LAYER PROTECTION SYSTEM for 1yr, which includes 2 top brand name software that normally cost $50 alone.

This includes a guaranteed full removal of ALL malware traces including viruses, trojans, adware, spyware, browser add-ons, and software exploits. We can not guarantee removal of ransomware at this time. Currently, there are some variations that have yet to be reverse engineered by the top experts.  However, we do love a challenge and promise to do our best.

Our extensive method includes 5 top name brand virus scan and removal software systems. Then, we go behind to clean up any leftovers, remove potentially dangerous programs,  and make all attempts to reverse any changes made to vital settings.  As a very last resort, we will re-install the OS. In such cases, data recovery is counted as an additional service.

Laptop Screen Repair and Replacement:

Screen replacement for most low-mid end model laptops is generally swap-and-go. For this, we offer a special reduced 1/2 price flat rate service.

In some cases such as Apple laptops and high-end PCs with touch screen features, the replacement involves a more care-intesnsive procedure. As such, this advanced replacement will be charged as the normal flat rate.

Laptop DC Power Jack Repair:

The price for this repair varies. Some laptop models are designed with a lead wire going from the power jack to the motherboard which can be replaced more easily with no risk. For this, it would be standard, flat rate service.

Other laptop models are designed with the DC power jack directly soldered to the motherboard. This involves a more extreme care-intesnsive procedure to remove the old jack and replace it without harming the surrounding components.  In such cases, the repair would count as 1.5X standard flat rate service.

As always, we offer free estimates. We can let you know which type you have before we begin.

File Transfer:

This service is dependent on the amount of data you need to be transferred. We start with a 1/2 standard rate for up to 40Gb, then an additional .50c per gigabyte thereafter for a  non-damaged hard drive or external USB device.

File Recovery:

This service includes data recovery attempt for damaged hard drives or accidentally deleted files.  Even with our combined expertise and the best tools available, we can not make any guarantees. But, we do have a high success rate, we do love a challenge and promise to do our best. Whatever data is able to be recovered will be charged at the standard flat rate plus .50c per gigabyte.

Operating System Clone:

In the event that you wish to mirror transfer an undamaged operating system disk onto another (perhaps larger) hard drive, it would be 1/2 flat rate price plus .50c per gigabyte.   In the event the original hard drive is damaged, it is very unlikely to have a successful clone.

Computer Hardware Upgrades

This is a 1/2 standard flat rate service. It can include installation of new or replacement of parts for your desktop or laptop, including but not limited to: Hard drives, Memory (RAM), Power Supply Units, CD/DVD/Bluray ROM, graphics cards, etc…

Data transfer/recovery is not included.

Computer Optimizations, Cleaning, and Preventative Maintenence

This 1/2 price service includes cooling system cleaning as well as advanced operating system cleaning. We will also apply advanced settings to help speed things up. And last but no least, we’ll examine thoroughly to detect early signs of hardware failure and security weaknesses.

Network troubleshooting, setup, and advanced configurations

This includes such services as network file and printer sharing, firewall security, user account controls, single AP or multi-AP wide-area wifi, virtual private networking, remote desktop, advanced routing configurations, etc…

In most cases, each service would count as a standard flat rate. However, exceptions can be made for some of the more simple tasks.